Teacher and Staff member of the month

Teacher of the Month:

Congratulations to Mr. Austin Welhoff for being selected PHIS Teacher of the Month for May.

"Mr. Welhoff is an amazing teacher. It is not unusual for him to walk the halls playing a ukulele or some other musical instrument. He greets students and staff with a smile every day. He is willing to help others without hesitation. He is always looking for new and exciting ways to make PHIS a great place."

"Mr. Austin Welhoff is an important part of the PHIS team. He has taken on the task of getting his students excited about choir at the middle and high schools. He has devoted extra time to ensure that his choirs are knowledgeable about the pieces he has chosen for them to sing. Mr. Welhoff makes sure the students understand the importance of performing and to be comfortable on stage. He will lend a hand to anyone helping the school run smoothly. Thank you Mr. Welhoff for being an important member of our team!"

Staff Member of the Month:

Congratulations to Mrs. Lisa Day for being selected as PHIS Staff Member of the Month for May!

"Mrs. Day is a valuable member of the PHIS family. She greets students, parents, and visitors with a smile and makes everyone feel welcome. Mrs. Day is very helpful, if she isn’t sure of an answer to a question, she will find out the correct person to contact. She also makes wonderful cakes and goodies to share with the staff! Thank you, Mrs. Day, for being an important member of the PHIS team!"