Teacher and Staff member of the month

Pleasant Hill Intermediate School Teacher of the Month for February.

Mr. Adamczyk is always there to assist teachers and students with any needs that arise. He enjoys building relationships with students through games and conversations. He pushes students to reach their full potential. He also sets and maintains high expectations for all students throughout the school. Mr. Adamczyk is a huge part of the positive culture of PHIS and deserves to be recognized.

Mr Adamczyk is a jack-of-all-trades. Not only does he build great relationships with students every day in PE, but also with his colleagues. Mr. Adamczyk is always available when anyone needs help and comes willingly and with a cheerful attitude when schedules need to be rearranged. Whether it is covering a 6th grade math class or helping out with students that are in distress, Mr. Adamczykis always, always available. Our building is better because of Mr. Adamczyk and his heart for students and his fellow staff members. I'm very thankful to work with such a wonderful person who puts others before himself.


Pleasant Hill Intermediate School Staff Member of the Month for February.

Mrs. Lisa Day is a wonderful asset to the Intermediate School Team. She is fantastic with the camera system, using it to monitor the building. Mrs. Day welcomes parents and students to our building with a wonderful smile. She helps teachers and staff with their needs and has great ideas for displays in our building. Mrs. Day keeps the substitutes straight and rearranges them when needed.

Thank you for all you do for PHIS.