6th Grade Blue Spring School of Economics Field Trip 6A-Thur, Oct 17 6B-Fri, Oct 18

This year the 6th grade students will have the opportunity to attend the Blue Spring Scool of Economics (BSSE).  This field trip centers around our economic curriculum and helps to foster life skills that will carry over into students future professinal life.  
6A- Thursday, October 17
6B- Friday, October 18
Buses will leave at 8:30am and return at approx 2:00pm.  
The cost is $13, lunch is provided(this is why the cost is higher that the average field trip). Students will have various choices for lunch.  They will use their "paycheck" from their jobs to "purchase" their lunch. 
ermission slips have been sent home.  Please return permission slip with ppayment to the PHIS office by Tuesday, October 1st.  Please make checks payable to PHIS.
Remember, field trips are a privilege and in order to attend students will be expected to complete all the class work leading up to BSSE.