Pleasant Hill Intermediate School Home

Mrs. Arbuckle

Principal's Message

Dear PHIS Students and Families,
Welcome to second quarter! Students have settled into their new learning routines. It is vital that they continue to engage in their learning at home (please see an example of this learning below). The time at home will greatly support what is happening in the classroom. We appreciate our parents, grandparents, and all adults that are supporting students in this learning. Our students are striving to do their best; we believe they will rise to meet the high expectations set again this quarter. Our teachers are continuing to work hard to identify student needs and put supports and challenges in place to help all students grow. We believe Every Student, Every Day. 
An example of your child’s day:
Instruction for classes your child attends in-person or as a Distant Learner (3.5 hours for all classes attended)
Mini lesson 
Small Group Work
Independent Work 
On that same day at home, for the classes your child did not attend in person or as a Distant Learner (not more than 3 hours at home)

Watch recorded Mini Lesson 
Engage in student activity
Complete Independent Work 
For our Distant Learners, Elective classes may look different than the example above. For these classes, students may still use Google Classroom and meeting codes. There is often a Choice Board that allows students to pick an activity in which they wish to participate. 

Please contact your child’s teacher with specific questions about his/her Google Classroom and assignments. We are committed to helping each student succeed to the best of their ability! 

Educationally Yours,
Chandra Arbuckle, Principal